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Hiatus – See You All Again Soon

I’ll be honest, 2019 has been a pretty terrible year for me. Throughout it all I’ve tried to, in the words of Charlotte Brontë, “wag on as usual”. However, with deaths, illnesses, and a whole host of people trying to make life difficult, I feel I’ve just reached a point where I’m finding this to be impossible. If 2018 taught me a lot of life lessons, 2019 has taught me even more, most of which I’m grateful for, but some of them are still bitter pills to swallow. My end of year post about what the Brontës have taught me in 2019 should make for an interesting read. Although I haven’t lost my love of all things Brontë, or of reading in general, I’ve been lacking the motivation to blog recently even though I know I have so much I could write about and share. I’d rather take a few weeks away from the bloggingverse (I think I may have just made that word up) to try to straighten things out in life as much as is humanly possible. There’s no point trying to force myself to write rubbish posts, which I’ve done several times, all of which have inevitably been scrapped or remain in limbo in the drafts section of Brontë Babe Blog. I thought I’d clawed my way back into the blogging groove with my review of a lovely short piece of Brontë inspired fiction, Brizecombe Hall by Catherine E. Chapman, and my update of my 2019 Reading Challenge but I’m not quite there yet. 


I’m still going to spend the next few weeks buried in books (why wouldn’t I?), but I’m also going to spend time with the people who matter most to me, the ones who try to make things easier in life, and we’re going to try new things and just basically attempt to live something of a normal life. 2019 hasn’t been all bad though; I’m still amazed at the kindness and support of my fellow bloggers and Brontëites. It really does feel like we’re all part of one big community. I’ve got plenty of posts to think about writing during this little hiatus including long overdue reviews of Mr. R: A Rock & Roll Romance by Tracy Neis and The World Within: A Novel of Emily Brontë by Jane Eagland. I’m also looking forward to reading the posts of my favourite bloggers during this time. I also need to find a holiday read for this year which will presumably turn out to be something Brontë related yet again. Reader, I will be back soon. Thanks for all of your support.

In Loving Memory of Bob the Bichon.


A lover of life, the Brontës, and Haworth who knows that I’m just going to write because I can’t help it.

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By Nicola F. a.k.a. The Brontë Babe.

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I’d also love it if you stopped by The Journal of Juvenilia Studies where you can read my essay, “Autobiography, Wish-Fulfilment, and Juvenilia. The ‘Fractured Self’ in Charlotte Brontë’s Paracosmic Counterworld”.

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Charlotte Brontë quote is taken from The Brontës: A Life in Letters edited by Juliet Barker (Viking, 1997).

13 thoughts on “Hiatus – See You All Again Soon”

  1. I so understand how you’re feeling. I had to take a blogging break myself recently. It will do you good to do something else just now, perhaps get outdoors in the natural world and, as you’ve said, spend time with your nearest and dearest. Try not to stress over the writing. Take time to recover your spirits. When the time is right, everything will be fine. x

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  2. We all need a blogging break sometimes. And Summer is the perfect time to do it.Get yourself out and about and spend time with those you love. See you when you return. Xx

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