The Brontë Juvenilia

Hello and welcome to The Brontë Juvenilia. Consider this something of an index for my posts about the early fiction, or juvenilia, of the Brontë siblings which is set in Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal. Unfortunately very little survives of the Gondal saga which was born in 1831 when the youngest siblings, Emily and Anne, grew tired of their characters playing second string to those of Charlotte and Branwell in Glass Town. Consequently there are far more posts on here about Charlotte and Branwell’s work simply because the bulk of that has survived the centuries.

My essay on Charlotte Brontë’s juvenilia has been published in Volume 2, Number 2 of The Journal of Juvenilia Studies. The title is “A New Approach to Autobiography and Juvenilia: Re-Examining Charlotte Brontë’s Assumption of Power in her Paracosmic Counterworld”. It’s free to access online and I’d love it if you could take the time to give it a read. The link to the piece can be accessed by clicking here.

An Introduction to the Juvenilia

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