Hello reader, and welcome to my publications page. Below you’ll find a list of and/or links to the pieces I’ve written that I’ve been lucky enough to have had published in some form. I’d love it if you explored some of these and I hope to add to what is for now a small list.


  • Tales from the Genii as editor. Available exclusively from The Crow Emporium. The book consists of the wonderful paintings of the Brontë juvenilia by artist and writer, Christina Rauh Fishburne, accompanied by passages from the Brontës’ tales as selected by myself. 


Academic Essays


Flash Fiction


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By Nicola F. a.k.a. The Brontë Babe.

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A Tale of Two Glass Towns image is copyright of Olympia Publishers. 

Tales of the Genii (edited by myself) is now available from The Crow Emporium – click here to buy.