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We Will Meet Again: Charlotte Brontë’s “Parting”

There's no doubt that we're currently living in a very strange time due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. In just a matter of weeks, many of the freedoms we took for granted have disappeared. This may be the freedom to use public transport, to go to work, to visit cinemas, theatres, restaurants etc., the freedom… Continue reading We Will Meet Again: Charlotte Brontë’s “Parting”

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The Brontës at Hogwarts: A Back to School Special

In honour of the back to school period and the upcoming journey to Hogwarts, I've decided to combine my two literary loves in one post. I'm a proud Ravenclaw, but I've spent the past week wondering which house at Hogwarts would claim which Brontë sibling. It's not as easy to sort them as you'd think; the Brontës were an extraordinary family, but they were also extraordinary and complex individuals.