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The Best Brontë Books of 2018

It's safe to say that I've read an awful lot of Brontë related books this year, some good and some disappointing, but fortunately the former have outweighed the latter. To round off the year (how are we in December already?) I've compiled a list of the Best Brontë Books of 2018. The books don't need… Continue reading The Best Brontë Books of 2018

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The Heights by Juliet Bell

Over the years my obsession with the Brontës has caused me to devour the sisters' entire adult canon in addition to numerous surviving works belonging to Charlotte and Branwell's Glass Town/Angrian saga. I even completed my MA dissertation on their childhood fantasy world. My Brontë mania has also caused me to seek out Brontë inspired… Continue reading The Heights by Juliet Bell